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MEDITERRANEAN OPEN online Championships Dec ’21

Mediterranean Open
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Mediterranean OPEN

Another Impressive Headquarters’ Set up

MKA always cares for its competitors and participants, and is interested in assisting each individual to feel appreciated for his/ her efforts, and in his/ her personal advancement. Assistance was given in both the technological aspects and performance related issues, such that competitors and coaches were encouraged to give their best . This is what MKA is all about – Professionalism.

From the positive feedback received, competitors, coaches and audience applauded the professionalism behind all the set up. This was reflected by the complex and yet efficient judging system, the highly skilled table officials, the IT team and programming involved, the Refereeing panel, and the brains behind this organisation, a dedicated and committed passionate person, well- known around the Globe, Mr Chris Galea.

Preparing the excited competitors and relatives through the count – down prior the opening ceremony, even though online, could still be felt, as calls and SMSs did not stop, wishing good luck, appreciation, and heartfelt thanks for such opportunities. Tatami Referees in communication with table officials and judges was another exciting part, where the use of technology at times was very challenging, and funny at the same time. Patience is the key to every single aspect.

The number of competing countries (33) was enough to show the enthusiasm and trust in these Championships, with an outstanding number of para competitors participating from 10 countries. Competitors have shown great improvement in their performance, and this in itself was very rewarding –