Mediterranean Karate Alliance

2nd Mediterranean Karate Grand Prix 2022

Held in Tortoli, Arbatax, this Event was a great success with the participation of 12 Countries. 65 categories were run on 3 tatamis with the participation of 174 competitors. Thanks to the Tech Squad, whose ongoing work resulted in the smooth running of all 3 areas during the whole competition.

The Host Organiser, Mr Andrea Muntoni and his Team, worked hard till the day of the competition to ensure that all the set-up and preparations were done according to the level and standard expected and discussed with MKA President Mr Chris Galea.

Venue Preparation
Venue Preparation

Mr Chris Galea congratulated Mr Andrea Muntoni and his Team for his professional approach in the preparation of the Mediterranean Grand Prix, which was planned to be held in 2019 but had to be postponed due to COVID-19. The contract for this event was signed on the 9th of November 2019.

9th November 2019 – Contract – MKA President & Mr Giorgio Muntoni
Press Conference – Contract for the Mediterranean Karate Grand Prix – 9th Nov 2019

MKA President and his Team expressed their thanks and were very proud to have chosen SKC FUNAKOSHI TORTOLI ARBATAX to be the Host Organizers, partners with MKA, for this prestigious event, as they were very well organised, and provided all the necessary preparations for the Team of Officials led by the MKA Chief Referee Ms Lucienne Galea, assisted by Mr Nunzio Colella and Mr Tunde Fadare, both from the WKA Referee Board and also on the MKA Team.

Host Organiser Mr Andrea Muntoni (left) & MKA President & Team of Officials
Team of Officials
Seminar led by MKA Chief Referee Ms Lucienne Galea

Briefing before competition was held for both officials and coaches to ensure compliance to rules and cooperation from all. Coaches thanked all officials, Host organiser, Tech Team, and MKA President for their professional approach and hard word to make the event a memorable positive experience for all participants.

Briefing before commencement of Competition

MKA Chief Referee expressed her gratitude for the participation of the officials during the Seminar, and the effort shown by all Officials in implementing rules fairly during the competition. Ms L.Galea thanked the Tech Squad for their professional commitment for the smooth running of this event, and for supporting both SKSM and SKC Funakoshi table officials in making this event another successful one.

A big well done !!